Independent escort service in Chennai

Hello. I am Advika Hegde, a 24-year-old, beautiful, fair, and a girl with attractive figure. I am a graduate by education and have a good command on soft skills. I love to meet new people, get acquitted with them, and have a good time with the like-minded men. I am fun loving, easy to talk to, and I love to explore new possibilities of enjoying my life. I am charismatic and romantic. I love to enjoy a good romantic evening with the man who could hold my hand, care for me, make me smile, and then, make love with me. a man, who would make me moan aloud, who would satisfy my sexual desire, and make me melt in his arms.

In my search of sexual satisfaction, pleasure of spending romantic night with multiple partners, and to enjoy the perks of life, I have started providing escort service two years ago. And now, I have grown from being one independent escort in Chennai to becoming a team of Independent escorts and call girls who have similar tastes as me. All the girls in my team are well mannered, educated, come from a good background, soft spoken, professionals who love to enjoy sex and are interested in making your night wonderful.

High profile independent escort girls in Chennai

Chennai independent escort service is not only for sexual enjoyment. But it is also for fulfilling desires, fantasies, beautiful experience, getting rid of stress, getting rid of the feeling of loneliness etc.   Our high profile escort girls are mainly the part of fulfilling your fantasies. Our high profile escorts are mainly, rich housewives who love to have sex with different people. College going stunningly beautiful call girls with good educational background and stunning personality. High end models working in fashion world. Top air hostesses who want to have some fun away from their hectic schedule. And female celebrities, who like to enjoy some personal time away from everyone.  These are all girls with mind boggling beauty. They are all well-mannered, dignified, and classy girls. It is hard to get close to them or even to get to talk to them for a moment in real world. You can only look at them from afar and think how wonderful it would be to get close to them or at least talk to them for a while.

But we can make your wish come true. We are in touch with such beauties who would love to spend time with you in return of their enjoyment and some money. You can meet them, talk to them, touch them, have sex with them the way you like.

It would be like a dream come true for you.


Busy, stressful, and boring life? Our call girls can take it all away

In today’s fast paced lifestyle, being busy or leading a stressful life is very common. At such times, sometimes, we feel lonely. We feel like life is hectic and no fun. At such times, we crave for a moment of happiness, a moment of fun, a moment to relax and feel fresh. For this, some people take holidays and go on a tour. But you can’t always go on a long tour to feel refreshed or run away from work to feel relaxed. Sometimes, you only get a night, or a weekend of some free time, which doesn’t feel enough. You spend that time sitting at home, getting bored or thinking if you could have someone to spend quality time with. Someone who could make you smile. With whom you could share your feelings. Someone, who could make your weekend special and make you feel refreshed, energetic, and fond of life again.

You might think it is hard to find such a person who would make you happy in such a short span of time. But to your surprise, it is not that hard. We at Advika Hegde’s independent escort service in Chennai are here to make your life full of happiness. We are in touch with lively, refreshing, talkative, easy going, beautiful girls who are interested in listening to you, talking to you, and doing anything they can to make you happy. Our call girls love a good talk, a good evening time to someone interesting, and they love to make love in bed with all they have got.

You visit our gallery and select the girl you like. And the girl you select will make sure to make a beautiful memory with you that you will cherish forever. You will be surprised to know that spending an hour with her is equivalent to the happiness of a week long holiday.

Call girl service in Chennai available with in-Call and out-call

As we said above, you can select an independent escort from our Chennai escort service to find happiness with her and create some wonderful memories with her. You can book an appointment with her and take her with you. You can choose to meet her at your home with our in-Call service and stay in your bed all the time. You guys do not need to leave the bed until her time is up. If you wish, you can take her to some good hotel and spend your time there. You guys can play some exotic games etc. to get into mood and make the evening beautiful. If you wish, you can go out with her on the city tour. Treat her like your girlfriend. Walk hand in hand with her and look at the city with knew perspective. Or if you wish, you can book a weekend outside the city, or plan a tour outside the city and take her with you with our out-call service. We have different services for our clients, with different girl choices, and different expectations. And all our girls are professionals. They are devoted to making their clients happy. They try everything possible to make sure that the client leaves them with a smile.


Hello, sweetheart! Let me introduce myself. Greetings, I am Priya. Currently, I am 22 years old. Working in Chennai Escorts , trying me will not leave you disappointed at all!


Kanika is a girl with a body that will make you feel like the king of the world. She’s 22 years old, has big boobs, and full pink lips. Her Instagram bio says, “I am your companion for every mood.” Call her up to spend some quality time!



Hello, Please call or text me as soon as possible to set up an appointment. I’m Akshata, a 23-year-old brown-eyed beauty from Mumbai Escorts Agency , India, with a stunning body, huge boobs that look very appealing, straight hair, and dark eyes.


Hi, this is Archana. I’m one of the hottest Mumbai Escorts you can find on here for whatever you want. Get inside my pearly gates to experience paradise and hell, laid out before your eyes.


Opening with a kiss on the cheek, I’m Dura, so it is my pleasure to meet you! Let me give your fingers that long-awaited massage.


Hello, baby! I’m Vandana. As a 26-year-old lady, I am so hungry for sex that I would like to fulfill my desire to please you.  Call her up to spend some quality time!

Different services you get from Chennai call girls

Different people have different taste. Some might like the traditional way of simple sex while others might like to have something extra. Our call girls are well versed with different acts of sex. They are talented and flexible. You can enjoy sex with them in different styles. Below mentioned are a few ways that you can try.

  • Missionary Sex: Missionary sex is the easiest sexual position. In this position, girl lay straight on the bed and man lay on her. Once the penetration is done, man hugs the girl and continues penetrating her. This position is useful if the man wants to hug the girl while having sex. Also in this position, kissing the girl’s lips, neck, and breast is easy while having sex.
  • Lotus position: This position is similar to Missionary Sex. The only difference is, instead of lying straight on the bed, the girl spreads her legs and lifts them. This position helps in better penetration to the man. This position also helps the man to give hard and deep shots.
  • Doggy style: Doggy style is famously used position for deep penetration. In this position, the girl gets on her knees and hands like a dog, and the man gets behind the girl on his knees. Once the position is set, the man penetrates the girl from behind. Due to perfect exposure and position, the man can penetrate deep inside the girl. Also, by holding the girl’s waist for support, the man can use extra force compared to first to position for hard penetration. If the man wishes, he can also hold the girl hair or breast while having sex. This position also gives an extra pleasure to the girl.
  • On the Edge of the bed: This position can be used in two ways. One, the girl lay on the edge of the bed with her chest up, her body above the waist on the bed, and legs outside the bed. Then the man holds her legs, wraps them around his waist and penetrates her. This position helps the man for penetration in a standing position, because of which, he can hold his ground well and aim for deep penetration. Also, the man can enjoy kissing the girl and pressing her breast while having sex. Two, the girl bends towards the bed by putting her hand on the edge of the bed, exposing her back aptly to the man. The man stands behind the girl, holds her waist or breasts, and penetrates her from behind. This position is also good for deep penetration and hard shots. Also, this position gives good feeling of pleasure of penetration to the man as well as to the girl.
  • Standing Missionary: If the man likes to have sex in a standing position, then standing missionary is a good position to try. In this position, the girl stands with her back against a wall and the man stands in front of her. Then the man hugs the girl and penetrates her from front. Support of the wall is used to hug well and applying force in penetration. If the man wishes, he can also pull the girl up in his arms and let the girl wrap her legs around his waist. It helps for deep penetration.
  • Standing Doggy: In this position, the girl bends a little by putting her hands on a wall. Like a doggy standing with the support of a wall. The man then gets behind the girl, hold her and penetrates from behind.
  • Foreplay and erotic games: This is not a sex position but foreplay and erotic games are best to arouse a couple before sex. This increases the pleasure of sex, connects the couple with each other before sex, and it helps to increase the duration of sex.
  • Blowjob: Men loved to be sucked on their dicks, while girls love to be sucked on their clits. Blowjob helps the couple to increase the pleasure of sex. The one who knows how to use his/her tongue can make wonders for his/her partner.
  • Position 69: In blowjob, either girl or man can perform at one time. But, if both the partner wants to enjoy the effect of blowjob at the same time, then position 69 is the best for that. In this position, the girl gets on her knees and hands like doggy style, and the man lay under her, with his head towards her waist. Then girl sucks man’s dick while man sucks girl’s clits.
  • Submissive Sex: This is not a position but a way of sex where one of the partner submits to the other partner. The partner that submits is called submissive and the other partner is called dominant. In such sex, the submissive listens to everything that the dominants say. No questions asked or no objections taken.
  • Anal sex: In this type of sex, man penetrates the anal of the girl.

These are a few ways of having sex. These ways are famous but does not mean these are the only ways. If you have something in your mind, you let us know and we will make sure that you get what you expect from us. Our call girls love to explore new possibilities in sex and are always ready for something new.

Russian Escorts in Chennai by Advika Hegde

With local and national girls in our Chennai independent escorts, we also have a collection of a few foreign escorts, including Russian escorts. Russian girls are beauties with flawless skin, and amazing temperament. And they are also amazing in bed. Our Russian escorts are famous for their services. They can go an extra mile to satisfy you. Also, the way looks at sex or enjoy sex is different than other independent escorts in Chennai. If you want to taste something new, then you must try a Russian girl form our escort agency. You can’t compare them with anyone else. Getting a chance to sleep with a Russian girl is a completely different thing. Dating a foreign girl is a difficult task if you look at it normally. One, you don’t get to know them that easily. Two, not many of them are readily available for you to talk. Three, you can’t always go to a foreign country to meet them and not many of them are in India. There are many more reasons like language issue etc. for you to not have a chance to date a foreign girl. But that does not mean you do not want to know how would it feel to date one. You don’t have to think much about it now. Because, Advika Hegde has made it easy for you to date a Russian girl. With the right amount of money, she can arrange for you to spend a spending night with a Russian escort and create the memory that you will never forget. So do not waste your time and call us right now. Our service is available all over Chennai. No matter where you are, our Russian call girl will visit you. We have attractive prices for you. And the amount you pay is worthy of meeting a Russian escort. We assure you, you will love to spend time with her and your experience with her will be speechless.

How to impress the independent escort you are going to meet?

Our independent escorts in Chennai meet many clients. Some clients only have sex without any feeling or emotions and leave. While some form a bond with the girl they are meeting. At the end of the day, it is the client’s choice. But if you ask us, we suggest that you should form a good bond with the escort you are meeting, before you start sex. Because, if you have a good bond with the girl, then the girl with subconsciously put an extra effort to make you happy. This way, your sexual experience with the girl will be much better than the emotionless sex.

We would like to suggest you to do something to impress the Chennai independent escort so that she would give more than her 100% to satisfy you.

  • You can start by booking a good place to meet her. Girl get into a good mood as soon as she sees a good ambience. And a good mood adds more to romance.
  • Be on time. The girl will come to meet you with excitement. But if she is waiting for you, then with time, her mood would change. The more time she waits for you, the less interested she would be in sex. She would still have sex with you for your satisfaction. But how much will she enjoy it is not something that can be predicted. But if you come on time, then you can make use of her interest in sex to arouse her more.
  • Have a nice chat before the sex. Don’t directly jump into the bed for the sex. You have time. So use it. Talk to her. Make her feel comfortable around her. Share some of your feelings. Listen to her. A nice chat would help you get close to each other emotionally. And a couple that is close emotionally tend to enjoy sex in a better way.
  • Give her some gifts. Every girl loves gifts. You can give her some gift to make her happy. A happy girl is much better in bed than a normal girl.

Advanced payment is not required to book our Chennai call girls

Many escort agencies ask for advance payment while booking. Some of them even ask for 50% advance payment. Once the payment is done, the client gets hooked to the agency. He can’t change his mind later on. Sometimes, such agencies fool the client by not sending the girl for the appointment after taking the money. Or sometimes, they book the client by showing the photo of some other girl, while they send someone else to the client. At such times client feels frustrated but can’t do anything because all the transaction is done online, also the client doesn’t go to file a complaint because he doesn’t want anyone to know that he was looking for an escort service. because of this, many fraudulent agencies have opened under the name of escort service. We are a genuine escort service provider. We never cheat our clients. All our girls are wilful escorts who are working in this field because they like to meet new people and enjoy having sex with strangers. We take care of our clients wishes and do everything possible to fulfil them. In our agency, you visit our gallery, then select a girl of your choice, then you read her information on her profile page. Once you are satisfied with her looks and her information, you can directly contact her from the number given in her profile. You do not need to pay anything to talk to her. We do not take any advance payment. Once you talk to her, you decide if she is the one you were looking for. If you like her, you fix an appointment with her. if you don’t like her, you can keep on searching for the other girl in our gallery. Once you decide which girl you want to meet, you fix an appointment with her. You don’t need to pay her while fixing the appointment either. Once your appointment is fixed, she will come to meet you at the decided time. Before that time, if you can to cancel the meeting or change the time of the meeting, because of any reason, you can do that. You don’t need to pay anything for that either. When she comes to your doorstep. You comfort that she is the same girl that you saw in the picture and talked with. After that you pay her. This is the proof of our authenticity. This is the proof that we care for our clients.