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Name: Kanika
Age: 22
Nationality: Available Now
Languages: English, Hindi
Height: 5.6
Dress Size: 8
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Brown
Availability: Any time Location: Mumbai

Kanika  :-  Hi friends, I am Kanika from the beautiful city, Kolkata. I have done MBA in finance. But, at the moment, I got shifted to Chennai and working Chennai escorts services. I was doing private job earlier in Bengaluru. But now I am much more satisfies with my work. I have turned an escort for extra money and pleasure. I am hot, yummy, and long legged beauty. You can hire me today for super fun and enjoyment. I will satisfy all your dirty desires that you have been looking for fro so long. So what are you looking for, just book your date with us and have lot of excitement.

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2 hourINR.15000INR.15000
3 hoursINR.20000INR.20000
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Hello, Please call or text me as soon as possible to set up an appointment. I’m Akshata, a 23-year-old brown-eyed beauty from Mumbai Escorts Agency , India, with a stunning body, huge boobs that look very appealing, straight hair, and dark eyes.


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Hello, sweetheart! Let me introduce myself. Greetings, I am Priya. Currently, I am 22 years old. Working in Chennai Escorts , trying me will not leave you disappointed at all!


Different services you get from Chennai call girls

Different people have different taste. Some might like the traditional way of simple sex while others might like to have something extra. Our call girls are well versed with different acts of sex. They are talented and flexible. You can enjoy sex with them in different styles. Below mentioned are a few ways that you can try.

  • Missionary Sex: Missionary sex is the easiest sexual position. In this position, girl lay straight on the bed and man lay on her. Once the penetration is done, man hugs the girl and continues penetrating her. This position is useful if the man wants to hug the girl while having sex. Also in this position, kissing the girl’s lips, neck, and breast is easy while having sex.
  • Lotus position: This position is similar to Missionary Sex. The only difference is, instead of lying straight on the bed, the girl spreads her legs and lifts them. This position helps in better penetration to the man. This position also helps the man to give hard and deep shots.
  • Doggy style: Doggy style is famously used position for deep penetration. In this position, the girl gets on her knees and hands like a dog, and the man gets behind the girl on his knees. Once the position is set, the man penetrates the girl from behind. Due to perfect exposure and position, the man can penetrate deep inside the girl. Also, by holding the girl’s waist for support, the man can use extra force compared to first to position for hard penetration. If the man wishes, he can also hold the girl hair or breast while having sex. This position also gives an extra pleasure to the girl.
  • On the Edge of the bed: This position can be used in two ways. One, the girl lay on the edge of the bed with her chest up, her body above the waist on the bed, and legs outside the bed. Then the man holds her legs, wraps them around his waist and penetrates her. This position helps the man for penetration in a standing position, because of which, he can hold his ground well and aim for deep penetration. Also, the man can enjoy kissing the girl and pressing her breast while having sex. Two, the girl bends towards the bed by putting her hand on the edge of the bed, exposing her back aptly to the man. The man stands behind the girl, holds her waist or breasts, and penetrates her from behind. This position is also good for deep penetration and hard shots. Also, this position gives good feeling of pleasure of penetration to the man as well as to the girl.
  • Standing Missionary: If the man likes to have sex in a standing position, then standing missionary is a good position to try. In this position, the girl stands with her back against a wall and the man stands in front of her. Then the man hugs the girl and penetrates her from front. Support of the wall is used to hug well and applying force in penetration. If the man wishes, he can also pull the girl up in his arms and let the girl wrap her legs around his waist. It helps for deep penetration.
  • Standing Doggy: In this position, the girl bends a little by putting her hands on a wall. Like a doggy standing with the support of a wall. The man then gets behind the girl, hold her and penetrates from behind.
  • Foreplay and erotic games: This is not a sex position but foreplay and erotic games are best to arouse a couple before sex. This increases the pleasure of sex, connects the couple with each other before sex, and it helps to increase the duration of sex.
  • Blowjob: Men loved to be sucked on their dicks, while girls love to be sucked on their clits. Blowjob helps the couple to increase the pleasure of sex. The one who knows how to use his/her tongue can make wonders for his/her partner.
  • Position 69: In blowjob, either girl or man can perform at one time. But, if both the partner wants to enjoy the effect of blowjob at the same time, then position 69 is the best for that. In this position, the girl gets on her knees and hands like doggy style, and the man lay under her, with his head towards her waist. Then girl sucks man’s dick while man sucks girl’s clits.
  • Submissive Sex: This is not a position but a way of sex where one of the partner submits to the other partner. The partner that submits is called submissive and the other partner is called dominant. In such sex, the submissive listens to everything that the dominants say. No questions asked or no objections taken.
  • Anal sex: In this type of sex, man penetrates the anal of the girl.

These are a few ways of having sex. These ways are famous but does not mean these are the only ways. If you have something in your mind, you let us know and we will make sure that you get what you expect from us. Our call girls love to explore new possibilities in sex and are always ready for something new.